The most important area in every home is the living room, regardless of whether it has been designed as a reception saloon, dining area, play zone for kids, or a peaceful reading nook.

Basically, the big living room can assume several different roles, especially with no extra rooms around to cover for those.

This is why large living room ideas should be analyzed carefully and planned with care.

Bel-Air-View-Home-by-Michelle-Ruben-Interiors How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Great room ideas are unique and original.  However, there are some tips to follow when it comes to the large living room. ? The first and most important rule is to make it comfortable and dismiss the feeling of emptiness without making it too busy.  Great room designs appear spacious and tranquil.

What this means is that large couches will work just fine as the central large living room furniture, and you can go on adding pieces as you need them. IKEA living room sets are a good starting place if you want to do it on the budget.

However, investing in some modern furniture for your living room is a great idea and you can afford to go for some big statement pieces when decorating larger rooms, just don’t go overboard. A few statement pieces is all you need, too much furniture can become a distraction and ruin the overall look of your space.

For most of us, large living room designs work around the concept of a contemporary parlor where you will organize gatherings and parties, and host events for special occasions. Large room layouts are focused on entertainment, and try to make maximum use of the space you have available.

Stein-Residence-by-Strang-Architecture How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

What you may not know is that you can achieve the very same result with a huge living room, as long as you follow several ‘visual spaciousness’ rules on how to decorate a large living room:

  • When it comes to decorating large walls, pick one color, and spread it around. It’s no surprise that large living room ideas usually work with a single color, as the uninterrupted flow of one shade on walls, doors, and trims creates the illusion of the room is bigger than it actually is.
  • Think vertically: Height is an often neglected dimension that can make big living rooms look even bigger. In order to make use of it, use wall spaces well. Hang your drapes and curtains higher than the frame of your windows, ideally with crowd moldings beautifying the edge between the walls and the ceiling. These solutions are eye-catchy and distractive, particularly when you support them with decorative shelves and large living room pictures.
  • Make use of reflection. You can use mirrors to make your salon even more beautiful, and let light spread evenly all around the room. For a more open feeling, use wall mirrors and position them next to lamps and similar light sources. Don’t forget the compulsory mirror opposite the window, as in such way you will create the illusion that there is an additional window in the room. This will give you the illusion of a huge living room which is light, bright and airy.
  • The balance between sizes, colors, and patterns. Oversized ottomans and settees will look just adorable placed close to a delicate coffee table, especially when you choose the right colors and patterns to complement the look. The more balanced your room looks, the more welcome your guests will feel.
  • Bring furniture together: In order to ‘protect’ the spaciousness we’re working with, we tend to make one very common mistake: Sticking furniture right up against the walls! In great room décor, it is far more effective to rearrange pieces and pull them closer to each other. This will make the room look way bigger than it is.
    Expose furniture legs: This is another simple trick that makes large living rooms airier and more spacious, compared to using solid line furniture in oval shapes.
  • Hide the clutter: With a large room at our disposal, we often believe there is enough space for all of our belongings. However, in big rooms, it is important to store things efficiently (great room furniture can often serve multiple purposes), and making sure there is no clutter to obstruct movement.

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