Interior design trends are constantly changing – from furniture, to walls, to appliances, what’s “hot” and what’s not seem to change by the season. However, surprisingly enough, even when trends disappear, they will almost certainly come back again someday. Here are some of the interior design trends due to make a comeback in 2019:

1. Wallpaper.

Believe it or not, you can expect to see more wallpaper in homes this upcoming year. Painted walls have been all the rage for about the past decade, but “statement walls” (or, one brightly patterned wallpapered wall in a room) are becoming more and more popular – and home buyers are loving it. While accent decor is still popular, accent walls are taking the lead.

2. Mid century Modern Furniture.

While this never exactly went out of style, as it has been a popular furniture for the past few years now, it is still going strong – and we can almost definitely expect to see it into 2019, and perhaps for following years as well. Many people are loving the minimalistic look that mid century modern furniture brings, and it is a trend that is staying put for now.

3. Memphis Design Artwork

Or, the bulky, bright artwork used as statement pieces in a room. This went out of style shortly after the “Memphis Movement” back in 1980, a trend meant to combat against minimalist looks, but was judged as being too “tasteless.” Nevertheless, these graphic pieces have been creeping their way back into popularity, and will be seen in more and more homes with the coming of the new year.

We should all design our home according to our personality and preferences as this is where we will spend most of our time.  Well, there is a special category in which people promote Black And White Interior Design. Looking up to this fact, the architects and interior designers put up a wide variety of designs to choose from. To help you out setting yours, we are giving you the top picks for the vast variety of designs you are offered. If you are a black and white enthusiasts, then you are going to love the following ideas.

Large statement pieces in general are becoming more popular, as brightly colored rooms are a growing trend. Paired with minimalist furniture, these “statement rooms” have the best of both worlds, as to not seem gaudy – if you’re looking to redesign a room, these might be some ways to do so!

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